Srilankan Solo Diary

Traveling is a Drug, once you taste it you just can’t go back…

This is what Happened to me from 2016, I should thank my nephew for indulging me into this lovely drug.
I’m speaking about Solo Traveling. I know it throws in a million questions and queries. But, trust me you always find yourself when you travel alone.


Srilanka was just a thought leading up to my birthday week but a little good boy act got my proposal set by my parents who were anxious to let me run off but it wasn’t the first time I have done my Solo International Trip.

Srilanka was my perfect getaway since I badly wanted to spend my Birthday in a Forest. I have been doing so in India mostly in Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka. But, this time I had to see something new and far from India.


I did claim my magic ‘Online’ by meeting a perfect guy who was into wildlife photography just like me. He sent images and even made a brief plan and said come down and it will be a perfect time to spend Birthday.

Little did I know my mind was already into this and before I could think off the ‘Trust’ cards and ‘Safety’ I was done booking my flight and got my e-visa.


It was my Birthday week and about 1 day before I landed in Srilanka clueless. I mean it was only my 2nd International Trip and adding to it SOLO. I literary laughed my ass off thinking in my head that it was a happy dream only to feel it so real.

Managing to book a cab to my Hosts place I waited and then got a friendly cab guy who took me right to the spot.  There I met my Host who had already become my best friend online ‘Chamara’. I must have done great things to receive the best food and service for someone who has met all of them for the first time.


Chamara & Me had already charted a plan and since he loved wildlife he was coming with me to ‘Wilpattu Forest’ one of the biggest forest in Srilanka. But, before that day I had a whole day wherein I took a Train Ride from Colombo to Kandy. I mean that is the best train Journey in the world so far.

It was surreal seeing a country that isn’t that posh compared to India but is slow majestic and religious. I was blown by the people and their smile.

Srilanka is really a nice place to go since safety is carried out by people, local cops and the Navy. Yea, if you already never knew Srilanka is water all sides so the Navy is top class.


The only down fall to it is that the country kinda winds down after 8 PM so you better stock up on the things you need. Otherwise, it’s like living back in the 80s and taking things slow and one at a time.

A beauty island country that is worth your travel once in your lifetime.



Vlogging First

Vlogging seems to be where all the movie from the ads seems to be. Vlogging is just intense and takes a lot more than mere talking talents to go about. I felt the hardest bit is when you’re doing Travel Logging with it.

I happen to meet ‘Alexandra-Ioana Costin’ who is trying out her ways in VLogging and quizzed her on the details and what made her get into this entire field.

She said “I always wanted to vlog/video on Youtube from 14 years. But I didn’t have the courage & confidence to do so. A year ago my bestie started her travel log and seeing her do so motivated me to start my very on Travel Youtube Blog”.


Alexandra shoots most of her videos using her smartphone. But she said that in time she will invest and make it a greater part of it. But, for my very first Vlog I’m happy with what I achieved.

To be frank I has a writer and tech freak think that today we don’t really need to rip a hole and buy fancy camera’s to shoot videos or pics. Often. People forget this very detail and think the bigger the camera looks and longer than lens are. The sharper and quality it creates. Myth such has this is what has made the camera industries charge what they want for the models.
Alexandra said that she doesn’t travel effectively like others because she is a student and does her travels 2-3 times a year during her break and would love to do more.
She wishes her viewers to see many places she has visited and join her in the quest of bookmarking memories and cultures they visit.


The Street Magic

Streets are a great place for Fashion today and I always believe in Street Fashion and Photography. Because, as much has man destroyed nature and got in unnecessary things he left many a good in Junk.

Mara Zota is just used this marvel to create a background for her stunning urban bold look. Check her out with this stunning OOTD that she carries it.

The Tracks and her Outfits go hand in hand.

Photo Jan 21, 3 20 41 PM

Photo Jan 21, 3 20 39 PM

Photo Jan 21, 3 20 36 PM

Photo Jan 21, 3 20 25 PM

Photo Jan 21, 3 20 33 PM

The skirt, bralette, shoes and accessories just sync together to create an amazing street fashion fever like never before. Check out Mara for more amazing styles.

Harness In Fashion

In Fashion World you have a rare insight where a Designer is so beautiful that she can model what she creates. This is the absolute for ‘Selfie’.  “Sewas Designs” is always about this.

Sara Petruccianai, Fashion Deisgner & Illustrator from London. Does what she is best at creating Bikini art that should not be another part of women or her fashion but to make it a delight that it becomes a tale of outfit by itself.


Just head over in Insta to ‘sewas_design’ and you will be mind-blown by the creativity that is gone though in not just shooting the end product but the variety she carries to bring it to life. This aspect is what got me to Feature her.

I think she is a real craft by herself to create this unique look that can be touched by models in ‘Victoria Secrets’. It is that good!!


I will stop with the bla bla and let you have a glimpse at her creation.



Not In Pressure

Fashion Blogging is now a sport that everyone plays and only a few master it. India really has a huge number of them likewise with photographers. And this is now a quantitate idea and not a quality one.

Finding Jahnavi Taneja was not that hard in this sea full of Bloggers. But, having to talk to her and quiz her about some details made me realize she is trying to put ‘a pinch of her own style into it’.


Firstly, she has a very dizzy face one that reminds me Medusa herself. Oh no she doesn’t have snakes and turn you into stones. But, she has that pretty look that will get you lost in her for a while.

Asking her what made her get into Fashion Blogging she said “that it was something she always thought she had in her and not the peer pressure to do it and likes to get women out there to enjoy the beauty of Fashion”.


The outfit which we are looking and she is flaunting is an elegant Formal take. Yet, she is worn it such a way that it can just be turned into an evening party outing without much sizzle.

Looking at her photos you can make out it takes women to go from a silent pretty type to the type where she could dictate terms in matter of seconds. That’s what you want your fashion to do.




Jahnavi really knows her style and carries it with simplicity we would like to know how she even comes up with this. Stick in for more in the future but for now enjoy the platter of beauty.



Blogging Deficiency

Blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

That is the dictionary meaning of Blog and the future tense Blogging. But, today I as a writer feel is becoming the most misused and tortured word in English.


I have gone side note with Blogging from well over 7 or 8 years and is sad to see the demise of yet another cool talent.

Travel, Fashion, Food, DIY have all taken a huge topic stand in blogging. Over the years since I work closely with Photography have met many a miles of Bloggers and have only seen a toothpick of them actually standout or even come close to Blogging.

Well, I do know it’s a rush because many are making limelight of it and earning millions of dollars. But, many forget that we know all about them and they have no privacy even to the fact some female bloggers are stalked 24/7 that they never see outdoors.

Blogging is totally changed its course from a ‘We’ community to ‘I’ even amongst couples. Many don’t see why it is worse than selfies. But, yea she is into it why not me attitude is strangling yet another death course to human relationships.

While Blogging I have met like I said over the course many ‘Female’ Bloggers who have done photoshoots with many ‘Photographers’ have got molested, raped, cheated and yet have not taken any stands to get the guilty free punished. In the other hand many a good artists and talents are doubted and have had false cases throw against them.


I guess this will be the game rules unless the lot who is now gotten into Blogging first realize what it is, how does it work and how to work with it. In blogging first golden rule even if you are a solo traveler, fashion designer, model etc you will have need the many to help you.

So, if you think Blogging is a solo sport and I’m running away with simple quick money and goodies wait till the buck stops and it will hurt you a lot.

To see the current state of blogging be it writing, video, audio or frozen stills it is just getting worse and uniformish. No one has done a great break through yet. I just hope it doesn’t get too bad where in the Governments get into it and start dictating terms just like every other profession.


Pink By The Blue


Sydnee Armstrong 

Is one of those beauties that revive ‘Fashion Genre’ and lifts it up with her photos. She has incredible shoots and keeps on going at it to create some beautiful stories.

The moment I saw this I thought I should piece her up has part of my Blog and give her the time she needs.

Below shows of her latest Bikini Week by the pools.



Follow this beauty in Social media and show her some love.